Association Management

Financial Management Services

  • Professional oversight and association liaison on all financial matters.
  • Maintenance of books and records necessary to document all receipts and expenses.
  • Maintenance of accounts payable, expense monitoring, and preparation of payment instruments.
  • Maintenance of all accounts receivable and institution of appropriate action on all delinquent accounts.
  • Credit card administration (payments, reconciliations, reports).
  • Online payment administration.
  • Establish and maintain banking and investment accounts.
  • Maintain permanent files for audit, tax and legal purposes.
  • Preparation and initiation of all bank deposits.
  • Bank statement reconciliation.
  • Preparation and dissemination of all required financial reports including: monthly financial statements, membership dues reports, annual reports, and statements of profit/loss for meetings and programs.
  • Prepare annual budget analysis and proposed budget worksheets to include historical stats.
  • Evaluate and analyze financial statements, charts of account, budgets and programs.
  • Consistent tracking of sales tax and annual filings.
  • Maintenance of accounting of non-dues income programs (UBIT).
  • Preparation of 1099 forms as needed.
  • Provide books and documents to independent accountant for review or audit and tax filing purposes.
  • Assistance on matters related to internal and/or external audits.
  • Administration of scholarship funds.
  • Track Political Action Committee contributions and distribution of funds to appropriate PAC accounts and maintain relations with outside PAC accountant, if applicable.
  • Accounting and reporting for all receipts and expenses related to foundations and grants.
  • Research, evaluate and present banking and investment options.