Association Management

Meeting, Conference and Trade Show Management

  • Maintain close relationships with association volunteers in order to assist in meeting the program’s objectives and goals.
  • Participate in planning meetings.
  • Organize and supervise all logistical details.
  • Develop and monitor budgets and timelines.
  • Research sites and conduct site inspections.
  • Negotiate, arrange and serve as liaison for all venue functions, i.e., food and beverage, audio-visual, room sets, room blocks, housing and off-site activities.
  • Attend to speaker arrangements, including audio-visual requirements, handouts, and travel.
  • Maintain relationships with key vendors.
  • Assist with themes and logo ideas and design.
  • Develop, produce and distribute meeting promotional materials, exhibitor prospectus, sponsorship information, registration brochures, agendas, scripts, and on-site materials.
  • Process registrations, prepare name badges, confirmation letters, registration lists, reports and certificates of attendance using in-house system and/or online registration system.
  • On-site staff support.
  • Arrange for recreational/sporting activities, including full management of golf tournaments.
  • Arrange for awards and special recognition activities.
  • Coordinate fundraisers, silent auctions, live auctions and raffle drawings.
  • Assist with sponsorship programs.
  • Manage all facets of trade shows, including exhibitor solicitation, registration, and maintaining relationships with drayage companies and other outside vendors.
  • Develop post-event online surveys/evaluations.
  • Handle all post meeting tasks including attendance reports, invoicing, final budget analysis, evaluations, hotel details, thank you letters, surveys, etc.
  • Prepare promotional and summary articles for association publications.