Association Management

Publications and Communications Services

  • Work with the leadership to develop and distribute regular communication to the membership both in printed form and electronic form.
  • Design, edit, and in-house layout of association publications using desktop publishing software and the latest technology for artwork and images. Publications include: membership marketing pieces, membership directories, newsletters, magazines, general brochures, meeting brochures, meeting materials, certificates, invitations, tickets, stationery, etc.
  • Coordinate production and distribution arrangements of publications.
  • Work with Webmaster to post publications to Website and Social Media outlets.
  • Work with the volunteers and staff to solicit advertising for publications, develop and disseminate advertising contracts, rate sheets and track advertising, invoice advertisers and prepare reports and materials.
  • Provide assistance with layout and appearance of association materials and publications.
  • Develop newsflashes, alerts, and online communication materials.
  • Creative design development for logos, display advertisements, banners, signs, masthead, stationery, etc.
  • Serve as liaison between volunteers and suppliers for purchasing marketing items.
  • Assist in the design and formulation of publications and marketing materials for sale.
  • Process orders, track inventory and compile reports.
  • Manage on-line merchandise sales.
  • Track all costs associated with sales items (base price, tax, shipping and handling).
  • Maintain necessary seller’s permits; prepare and file timely tax-related documents.