I have been in the legal industry for 40 years and have worked closely with the CAMS team for the past 15 years. Their dedication and support to CALSPro is unwavering and at times we feel like we’re their only client. In my heart I know that if not for Jenny and her team, our association would not be here today.

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- CALSPro Board Member

CAMS is a pleasure to work with!  Jennifer Blevins is an amazing Executive Director, whose hard work makes our meetings and events possible.  Kelly Hoskins, the Advertising and Online Education Coordinator, made it possible to promote and hold frequent remote programming over Zoom during the last two years when COVID prevented many in-person events.  CAMS’ team of professionals and their responsiveness to their clients are unparalleled.

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- ASCDC Board Member

“They’re great at answering questions. I really appreciated the open conversation. They’re really great at explaining legal terms in a way we could understand and apply to our business.”

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- Advocacy Client