California Advocates is especially proud of our stable and continuous client base over the past years. Many of the firm's clients have continuously retained our services for 25 years or more – indeed, several clients have been with the firm since its inception years ago. This allows California Advocates to exercise "public policy stewardship" over the issues affecting these clients as the legislative climate evolves. We believe our clients are best served by an ongoing relationship that adapts prevailing public policy to the issues of concern to our clients. Obviously, our clients attest to the benefits of a long-term relationship.

In addition to continuous client base, California Advocates has been retained by numerous other clients on specific projects to either enact or defeat legislation. For example, several years ago the firm was retained by the World Bank to legislatively expand the permissible investments of California public pension funds to include certain financial instruments issued by the World Bank. The firm also represented H. D. Vest and a number of other financial services providers who successfully expanded the law permitting the sale of commission-based investments. These experiences allow California Advocates to add value to both its continuous client base, as well as provide solutions to clients with a specific legislative or regulatory problem.

Core Advocacy Principles

We believe that the foundation of successful advocacy is based on credibility with and the respect of decision makers combined with adherence to four core principles: (1) analysis and problem solving; (2) strategic guidance; (3) communications; and (4) compliance with ethics requirements.

California Advocates believes that credibility with legislative and regulatory decision-makers is the foundation of successful advocacy. During their lengthy advocacy careers, our lobbying team has developed contacts with virtually all legislators and their staffs, as well as many state agency representatives. Our relationships are founded upon professional representation and mutual cooperation in solving problems for our clients. Most of these relationships are the result of long-term and on-going interaction with decision-makers on a myriad of public policy issues. This solution oriented style of representation has resulted in credibility and respect among legislators, their respective staffs and state agency representatives.

Analysis and Problem-Solving

California Advocates believes that the ability to analyze and solve a client problem is the cornerstone of successful advocacy. This process involves intensive interaction between the client and the expertise of our lobbying team. Problem-solving requires the dual ability to analyze a client's problem and in the context of existing California law and public policy, and then to devise the best possible solution from a myriad of possibilities. We believe that the threshold task of analysis of client concern combined with selecting the most feasible solution is critical to a successful outcome.

Strategic Guidance

Once a client issue has been analyzed and a policy statement articulated, California Advocates excels at all phases of advocacy necessary to achieve success in the legislative arena or before regulatory agencies. Our many years of experience not only enable us to analyze a client problem from different perspectives, but our legal skills enable us to precisely draft a viable solution. Our strategic guidance includes attention to detail such as author selection, coalition building, committee referral, interaction with policy/fiscal committee staff, and the preparation and presentation of testimony. The strategic guidance continues from bill inception to presentation to the Governor's Office.


California Advocates believes that communications at all phases of advocacy is critical to a successful outcome. We believe that a well informed and involved client ensures that both parties are participating in the process and contributing to the outcome. Furthermore, we believe that written reports to clients and/or legislative update articles in client publications create a shared sense of accountability. Communications does not only include interaction between the client and California Advocates, but also communications with all stakeholders in the legislative and regulatory arena.

Lobbying Ethics and Compliance

California Advocates believes our clients should expect and demand the highest ethical principles from its advocacy firm. California Advocates strenuously adheres to both ethical advocacy practices and timely compliance with mandated reporting.

Although sometimes overlooked as a technical detail, we maintain professional staff that is knowledgeable about all phases of legal compliance from initial client/lobbyist registration, quarterly reporting, and political action committee compliance. We ensure that all required reports are accurately and timely filed on behalf of our clients.